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Digital Japa Mala
Digital Japa Mala
Digital Japa Mala
Digital Japa Mala
Digital Japa Mala
Digital Finger Tasbeeh Black
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Digital Japa Mala
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Digital Japa Mala
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Digital Japa Mala
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Digital Japa Mala
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Digital Finger Tasbeeh Black

Digital Japa Mala

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Chant Hare Krishna maha-mantra and make your life sublime


【EASY TO USE】: 5 CHANNELS: 5 different channel for more use. Tally Counter-This digital counter with 5 digit screen display, it can count number range from 00000-99999. Mechanically jumps by every press, press once to count once and it can easily reset to 0 by press the clear button on the right.
【NO BATTERIES REQUIRED】:You also can change battery yourself.
【ADJUSTABLE FINGER RING】: you could lock the number when you stop count. Tally Counter Clicker-Our Tally Counter is different from others which need to be held by your finger, the mechanical manual clicker with adjustable circle snap design, it not easy to fall off your finger.
【AUTOMATIC】: With Statistical reading, automatic power off and the counter can be cleared to zero.

Portable Rotating Digital Counter

Material: ABS Plastic
Size: 10.5 cm X 4.7 cm X 2.5 cm
Length of Tassel: about 12 cm
Battery: Built-in button cell package include

Wide Use: Used for all kinds of meditation relaxation, decompression, active fingers, etc. Portable: Mini sized counter is light weight, so it is easy to carry.

Digital Finger Tasbih Mala

🔵6 Benefits of Japa Meditation:
1.Japa meditation reduces stress and calms the mind
2.Your heart loves meditation
3.Meditation improves concentration and focus
4.Meditation reduces negative thoughts and improves mood
5.Mantra meditation cultivates positive emotions
6.Mantras increase shakti, grit, and resilience

Digital Finger Tasbeeh Counter

🔵How many beads does the Indian rosary Japamala have?
Indian Hindu Japamalas normally contains 108 (108+1) beads that facilitate the chanting of mantras and also due to the significance of that number. However, there are some japamala’s that even contain a lesser or greater count of beads.

Prayer Islamic Tasbih Muslim hindu mala

🔵Why does Japamala contain 108 beads?
Most of the Japamala’s contains 108 beads because of the significance of that number.
The motion of the planets is divided or described in 27 nakshatras, each one has 4 padas. So, when 4 padas of 27 nakshatras each were combined it gives the number 108 (27 nakshatras * 4 padas).
So, any being born on the earth will be in one of the nakshatras and padas. To get God’s mercy all the time and for all the beings, the use of 108 got great importance in Hinduism.

Digital Finger Tasbeeh

Do and don’ts while using

Sit in a quiet place or in your puja area.
Sit comfortably
Be clean physically and internally in your mind and heart
Apply Vibuthi/Bhasma or Kumkuma or any other tilaka.
Preserve the sanctity or holiness of Japamala
Use a clean cloth or a traditional mat such that the mala doesn’t touch the ground.
Reverse the counting without crossing the Sumeru bead
After using Japamala keep it in a bowl or cloth and place it in your puja area.

Never touch the Japamala when you are unclean
Never allow the Japamala to touch the ground
Don’t cross the Sumeru Bija or bead.

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Digital Japa Mala

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A wonderful thing that helps to read harinam

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A wonderful thing that helps to read harinam